First of all, what position are you in? Is he lying on his back with you sort of hunched over him awkwardly? Or is he standing and are you on your knees? This matters because when he comes, it’s not going to be a controlled, leisurely “sip of Arnold Palmer from a pitcher on a sunny day at the races” sort of flow. It’s more like the guy’s sperm yells THIS IS SPARTA!” and charges at your epiglottis.…

Purpose: The intent of this guide is to give the husband direct information on how he can influence and help transform his wife into a hotwife. I doubt it will work for non-married couples because there is no tying commitment. Audience: There are many articles that cover what a hotwife is, her role and how to find sexual partners for her. This document is written for a married man and is not in…


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We will be relocating to the San Antonio area. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for housing and Party clubs?

New years Eve party

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I s any one haveing a new years party orgy , bang bang party ?

New Years Eve

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So what are plans for everyone this New Years Eve? We are trying to find something to do in our area, anyone have any ideas?

Merry Christmas

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We want to wish each and every Sexy Couple, Single Female and Single Male a Merry Christmas. We hope that you have been just naughty enough to get those awesome sexy gifts!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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We wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!! If You are traveling Be safe and have a great time this Holiday Season... K & A

face pics

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Whats up with all the couples that dont show thier faces? We are all adults on here, and if someone sees our face on this site. That means they too were on this site. My wife always says"dont make my ahh your eww" In other words dont look down on us because you dont do as we do.


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What is the Craziest PLACE you have ever had Sex? For us it was on the hood my car in the parking. Yes I removed her clothes and ate her pussy out before fucking.. No we didn't care who seen us, but then that was back when we were

We are traveling now all over the United States so we might be in your area. We love meet great couples and there are many on this great CouplesLust site. So let us know if you would like for us to stop by and have a drink or even more. Have Fun and Enjoy Each Other! ;)