New Email Notification Addons

New addons setting have been added to your notification page to opt out comments, likes and timeline messages.

New Affiliate Program

Become our affiliate and earn commissions on every sale you refer. Our program is free to join, easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

CL Wall of Fame

Introducing CL Wall of Fame, a page were photos are hand picked to bring out the hottest, sexiest and naughty pictures on the site.

Go Public

This feature lets you share your profile page, photos, hot date, hot spots, events with the public (non members), on Craigslist, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter & other social media sites.

Hide My Profile

Our new privacy feature lets you hide your profile from everyone else.

Sign Up & Login Via Twitter

Our new feature gives new members the option to sign up and login via Twitter.

New Picture Links

Our new feature gives members the option to sort pictures by most viewed, most commented, most popular and most viewed.

New Email Emoticons

Our new feature gives new members the option to add emoticons when sending email or replying.

Sign Up & Login Via Facebook

Our new feature gives new members the option to sign up and login via Facebook.

Google Map

Google map has been added to the profile page for spotting a member's location easily.

Open Chat

Open chat is now available through out the entire site so you can easily chat with others on any page at anytime. Located on the top right hand side on all pages. Thanks

Meet Greet Fuck or Pass

The new Meet, Greet, Fuck or Pass page is now opened. Comment on whether you would like to Meet, Greet, Fuck or Pass the last member that commented.

New Cheers Feature

The new cheers feature displays notifications of all wall comments, picture comment, likes and more, other members have done on your profile.